3 Reasons KOTEL is the perfect undershirt for your dress shirt

Undershirt for dress shirt

Dress them up, dress them down - KOTEL has your back in all situations. In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of wearing KOTEL as an undershirt under your dress shirt. No more ugly T-Shirt lines for you!!

If you look around at most offices or places of work, you will find that most men opt into wearing an undershirt under their dress shirt. There are a number of reasons for this:

White undershirt

First, (and foremost) - sweat control. No one wants to see those yellow sweat marks when you lift your arms (gross!).

Second, to keep you warm and comfortable. Whether you're walking to work, driving in your car, or taking the subway - everyone wants to feel warm and protected on those colder days. 

And third, (although most will not admit) wearing an undershirt can make you feel a lot more confident in your dress shirt. Whether you're a few pounds overweight, or have been reluctant to hit the gym and find yourself on the skinny side - no man wants to put on a dress shirt and feel self conscious. An undershirt can help tuck in your belly, or add some support along your shoulder line, making you look and feel a lot more confident. 

3 reasons why KOTEL makes for the ultimate undershirt for your dress shirt:

Undershirt dress shirt
  1. Superior sweat control - Bamboo as a fabric has many incredible benefits -  with sweat control topping the list! Bamboo naturally wicks away sweat and toxins, keeping you cool and dry in all situations.
  2. Invisible under your dress shirt - You've seen him at the office. The guy who walks around with that incredibly noticeable white t-shirt projecting through his dress shirt. NOT A GOOD LOOK!! The reason why white undershirts are so noticeable under a dress shirt is that whatever skin tone you are, you are not white. So when the light shines through your dress shirt, the white undershirt contrasts with your skin tone making it incredibly obvious that you are wearing an undershirt. Our colours have been purposely selected to compliment your skin tone - making them invisible under your white dress shirts.  
  3. Silky soft comfort - the finest benefit of our luxurious bamboo fabric is the silky soft feel. Our KOTEL's makes you feel like you've been wrapped in the heavens - allowing you to step out into the world feeling comfortable and confident.

Look and feel your best with KOTEL today!!